The Yash Johar Foundation (YJF) has been set up with the aim to improve the quality of life for people in the Indian entertainment industry and will work towards offering better access to opportunities in education, health & building financial stability.

YJF pays tribute to the ethos of Yash Johar. He was a man who believed in giving back to the people of the entertainment industry. Naturally a kind and empathetic person, he understood that being in the movie business was hard, which is why he was always ready to help, no matter how big or small the problem was… financial or emotional. His unconditional support is etched in the memory of countless people, and it is this goodwill that we are carrying forward with YJF.

Saath - the YJF Whatsapp Helpline - 8591223300

Connecting the entertainment community with timely and relevant medical assistance and other services

How will it help?

YJF aims to achieve this by building a collaborative ecosystem with credible partners who have the experience in developing and delivering solutions that impact the most vulnerable.

What is YJF

Built on the values of collaboration, responsiveness and facilitation; the three main pillars that the foundation will support are:

Financial Wellbeing

Enabling financial security in the long-term


Preparing for the long-term while tackling immediate concerns

Education and vocational training

Preparing for a robust future

YJF’s plans will initially cover the Hindi film industry in Mumbai but will be scaled up strategically to cover other parts of the country.

YJF Covid Response 2021

The ongoing pandemic has severely impacted the livelihoods of many in the entertainment industry and has diminished their ability to fulfil basic needs such as access to food and healthcare. Understanding the harsh on-ground realities, YJF has initiated the project YJF COVID RESPONSE 2021 to address the immediate needs of these communities who have been negatively impacted.

As part of its long-term vision to build financial security in the volatile entertainment industry, YJF will actively work to improve access to financial inclusion schemes that aim to safeguard the future of these communities, and commence an action research study to determine the scope of digital access needs to enable children of these communities to continue their education.